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Questions & Answers

0. How to work on the site?
The Process:
1. Register on the site (FREE) click to "Model Sign Up" on the top of the page.
2. Follow the instruction to register. (Need upload ID, Upload only non nude profile pictures minimum 800*600px)
3. The Moderator will check and approve your ad within 12hours.
4. Use the MPA Chat
4. The members can contact with you through MPA Chat, or send you partner request on the skype, what you need accept.
5. You can check the unknown user on the skype with our Members Check function.
6.  Discuss with the members, what kind of skype show he want to see, what he wishes are, how many minutes he would like to sell, etc...
7.  The members send the Credits to you for skype private show(you can check in the Credits history)
8. Be nice, friendly, and patient for members because he can rate you on the site.
9. You can rate the member who sent you credits, this need for Members Check function
1. How can i check if the member sent me credits?
Got to "My account" and click to Credits history link
2. How can I easily find the link of my advert?
My account >>> My advert
3. How can I edit my advert?
My account>>>View or change my Personal Informations.
4. I can't upload photos, why?
The minimum resolution of photo upload is 800*600 pixel and only non nude photos are allowed.
5. How can I set the main photo?
The first image is the main photo. You can edit the order if you click on the first image and drag i down holding the mouse button.
6. How can I get more visitors?
  a, spend more time online
  b, use our Bring your ad to the top service
  c, use our feautered service (it's free)
  d, use our CHAT (it's free)
7. I'm not online on the site, what should be the problem?
You must be our skype partner to display your status on our website. If you had to change your skype id then please add us as a partner. You can find our skype contact at "My Account".
You must be online on skype too.
If you are online on the Skype please wait about 2 minutes until the server refresh.
Please check your skype id if it's spelled correctly or mispelled. Some people write their skype name instead of their id.
8. What is Bring your ad to the top?
With this service you can be at the first place on our website with one click. You'll be there until someone else will buy the first place. But don't worry, you'll fall back to the second place and so on...It costs only 1 credit.
9. How can I be featured?
The featured function is free, all we need from you is to put on skype as mood message. This is how your mood message must start.
For more information please click below:
10. How can I filter out free members?
To check how much did one of our member spend and how many times on a show you can use our "Member check" service.
For this function go to "My account" and click on Member check.
11. How can I change my skype id?
My account>>>View or change my account information. After you changed dont forget add our skype id. Read the 7.
12. My credit is gone, what happened?
If your credits get to 25, we move them to the payout pending section on every monday.  You can see in the payout history section in My Account. You can set them back anytime until they'll be sent.
13. How can I set or change the payouts?
Because of safety reasons you have to write to the skype admin. The admin might ask for the last 4 numbers of that id document you've been using for registration.
14. Where can I find more information about payouts?
15. My SKYPE account has been suspended or hacked. What should I do?
You must ask the skype support for resolving.
If they don't allow it, you must uninstall skype and delete all the files and folders of skype. Then you should install it again and create a new skype account.
16. Can i set the payout limit, or Can i reverse the pending payout to my ballance?
You can't set the payout limit, but you can reverse the pending payout to your ballance. Please write to Admin, he will reverse.
17. Can i  register as Studio?
You can register only as individual model, but you can fill the Studio name field in the Model's account. We sum the all Models account's payout where have same Studio name, and we send only 1 transaction.
18. When will HD, Photoguarantee, Satiscfaction, Audio, Language knowledge icons appear in my profile?
The members will give these informations when they are rating a model. We show or hide these icons according to these ratings. We don't give information about the exact rule but one good or bad rating won't change your icons. Need minimum 3 rates
19. How to change the payout method?
Please write to skype Admin. he will ask your ID card number for account holder notification and change your payout method.
20. I've got penalty, why?
You can find the reason at the comments in transaction history. The reasons could be the followings:
- Uploading someone else's photo: warning for the first time then 10 credits will be deducted occasionally.
- Non acceptance of credits (unreasonably): warning for the first time then 15 credits will be deducted occasionally.
21. What are free and charged services on the site?
- Bring to the top function. To put your advertisement to the first place costs 1 credit occasionally.
- Refund charge is 1 credit
All the other services are for free!
22. What are member rate and member check functions?
One of our most important functions to rate members. You can rate a member if he sent you credits before.
It's important to rate members because that's the basic condition of using member check function.
With member check you can check those members who are unfamiliar to you. You can see if they are serious customers or stalkers who are looking for free shows only.
23. How can i delete my rate?
Only the Admin can delete rate the following reasons:
1. refund transaction
2. You have screenshot proof the rate is not right.
I suggest after the show ask  the member "Please write me if you are statisfied, or not for show"
24. Can i get award?
We have an award for loyal models.
Our admins will do test, and write on the skype to models as member, and if the model accept, and offer only MPA credits. The admin will upload  5credits award to your ballance instantly.
Right attitude:
- If the member want pay with paypal, or other payment method, the model say: Sorry, i can accept onyl MPA credits, this is secure for you, and for me too, anyway you can buy credits with paypal, amazon, credit card and lot of other payment method too.
- If the member ask how can i pay? The model say: You can pay with MPA credits.
25. My reviews and icons dissapeared. What happened?
If the model don't have credits transaction until 15days we will delete the all reviews, and so of course will dissappear the icons too. Before we delete the reviews we will write a warning message on the Skype.